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 Terrain Analysis & Location Based Intelligence

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 Suspicious Activity Report Visualization

Network Analysis for Financial Compliance and Regulation

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North Africa Network Analysis 

 Terrorism Foreseeability Models

Pakistan Terror Attacks

The GeoCritical Terror Index Score (GTIS) ™ is an analytical tool which allows end users to assess the vulnerability of various corporate asset locations in relation to historical terror attacks.  A visual geographic representation of terrorism data -- drawn from official US government sources and analyzed by experienced counter-terrorism experts -- will assist your corporate stakeholders with risk mitigation decision making. 

The GTIS can be adapted based on the client's specific business or supply chain model and organized around target type and location at the country, state/province, or even city level.  GeoCritical offers the flexibility to consider, visualize and prioritize additional categories such as asset value of each location, employee population, and the suppliers' criticality.  GTIS products are currently available for various countries in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.  Email for more information.

"The GeoCritical Terror Index Score is a valuable mechanism for determination of risk exposure in even difficult environments.  The methodology is sound and leads to a predictive calculation that allows constituents to make accurate assessments of their risk from both an actual notice (real events on property or territory) and constructive notice (factors such as proximity of events and general deterioration of environment) standpoint."

Michael J. Witkowski, CPP
Associate Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice
University of Detroit Mercy


India Terror Attacks



 Supply Chain Resiliency

Can you immediately identify to your stakeholders an event’s risk implications in the following terms:

  • People
  • Potential financial loss
  • Key lines of business interrupted
  • Clients impacted

As a leader in your organization, can you identify the following?

  • The locations of your critical infrastructure and operations
  • Where your supply chain begins
  • Operations vulnerable to risk-related events

Mexico Terrorism PEMEX.gif

When a headline making event occurs can you do the following:

  • Quickly assess the event's impact on your operations
  • Determine which if any clients, distributors, employees, facilities, or suppliers are affected
  • Determine the event's cost to your revenue stream and operations

GeoCritical can do the following for your Corporation:

  • Plot your clients, customers, competitors, distributors, facilities, suppliers, warehouses
  • Plot your external transportation nodes: airlines, shipping ports, railroads
  • Visualize risks to your operations
  • Eliminate the expense and learning curve of new software and technology

Most importantly, give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Avian AP Cases in SE Asia.gif



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"as a Corporate crisis executive with operations all over the world, it was a life saver to have a graphical and visual representation of your operations in the path of a potential crisis situation.  Whether it was a hurricane, wild fire, earthquake or pandemic, we could overlay the specifics of the emergency in relationship to our operations.  In today's environment, trying to manage an emergency without something like GeoCritical, is like driving with a blindfold on...  It's a 'fact based' service all emergency agents should understand and use." --

Bob Pembleton, CPP
Consulting Director,
Physical Security/Emergency Planning
SafirRosetti (Part of GlobalOptions Group) and former EDS Chief Security and Privacy Officer

"Geocritical's products enabled us to make key operational decisions during the hurricanes.  Their mapping products are invaluable."  -- a Fortune 100 Global Security Director 

 Updates Minimize

Location Based Services - Friday, June 07, 2013
Request our Location Based Services offering @  
World's Most Dangerous Cities - Friday, June 07, 2013
Request a copy of the World's Most Dangerous Cities @  
GIS Risk Models for GPS Technology

Consultancy available to GPS companies seeking to implement a risk based methodology approach to device deployment.  Move beyond traditional time and route management.  Experienced at C Suite level.  Contact


Terror Finance Visualization

Visualization techniques for Terror Finance, including SAR analysis available, contact


Iraq Foreign Fighter Networks

Implications for Global Supply Chains as Published in Supply & Demand Chain Executive


Press Release Announcing GTIS

PDF version of press release Terrorism Risk Modeling: GeoCritical, LLC Announces the Release of the GeoCritical Terror Index Score (GTIS)™


North Africa Terror Models Available

contact for additional information


Pakistan Terror Attack Model

Download map of locations of attacks in Pakistan, per capita victims by province.  Additional feature detail and data layers are available which includes but is not limited to:

location of attacks, per capita trends, attack totals, attack results on victims, target and attack type etc...

Email for details.


India Terror Attack Model

New Terror Attack Model of India is complete.  Use it for site selection and risk assessment purposes.  Additional feature detail and various data layers are available which includes but is not limited to:

location of attacks, per capita trends, attack totals, attack results on victims, target and attack type etc...

Email for details.


White Paper: GTIS System - Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Download details on the GeoCritical Terror Index Score


White Paper: Outsourcing GIS

Download latest white paper on the benefits of outsourcing GIS


GIS as a SCRM tool - Friday, November 16, 2007

Read article in Supply & Demand Chain Executive Magazine on GeoCritical's strategies on Geospatial Intelligence as a Supply Chain Risk Management tool.


NEW Terror Attack Analysis -

Map your operations in relationship to global terror based attacks, email for pricing


Avian Influenza Update - Monday, November 12, 2007

Download the latest status on Avian Influenza


NEW Mexican Pipeline Attacks - Monday, November 12, 2007

Download view of regional terror attacks in Mexico against  PEMEX .  email: for complete geospatial analysis


Hurricane Impact Analysis Tool

Contact us for pricing.


Failed States Index Scores

See your operating environment


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Worldwide Avian Influenza Status Year End Recap


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